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Your Guide to Researching
Tennessee Ancestors

Family History Library Aids

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General Guides to XXX Research

First, bookmark or print out the Family History Library XXX Research Outline.

Books you might purchase or use in a library include

check to see if there is an NGS Guide http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/cs/research_in_the_states

All of the three reference books listed below have a small section covering each state that includes maps, historical information, vital records coverage and a bibliography of resources for that state. (note: some libraries may have earleir editions; those are usable)

  1. Handybook for Genealogists ( 11th edition) (find in a library)
  2. Ancestry's Redbook (you'll want the 3rd edition) (find in a library)
  3. The Family Tree Resource Book for Genealogical Research (find in a library)


Atlases, Maps & Gazateers

For more information on finding and using maps, see Your Guide to Atlases, Maps and Gazateers.

  • Good state maps are available in the Handybook or Redbook mentioned above. If you are printing a copy of the map out at your local library, spend a few dimes more and print out the few pages of state information. You will find it a very vaulable reference.
  • Print out a XXX county outline map (.pdf) -- shows present day counties. http://www.census.gov/geo/www/maps/stco_02.htm
  • 1895 Atlas for XXX (see also map for each county) http://www.livgenmi.com/1895/
  • Perry Costenada maps for XXX
  • U Alabama website of Historical Maps for XXX
  • Each of the county pages in Wikipedia will have a link to a township map -- First, click on the county name in the chart on this XXX page then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the small image once to bring it up on a separate screen, then click it again to make it a full page map.

Statewide Genealogy Websites

Next, see what is available for your counties of interest at at one of these statewide sites. For each, use the county selection list to find out what is available for the various counties. Content will vary, but in usually you wil find the GenWeb site to be the most robust. All are volunteer driven sites; all data free.

  • the XXX Gen Web (U.S.Genweb)
  • ALHN XXXX page (American Local History Network)
  • AHGP XXXX page. (American History and Genealogy Project)
  • XXX Genealogy Trails (Genealogy Trails History Group) http://genealogytrails.com/

Societies, Libraries and Archives

For more information on using libraries and archives, see genealogy guides to Libraries and Archives

  • State Library
  • State Archives
  • Major U or Gen Libs
  • XXX Gen & Historical Societies
    • Also find local societies in the area you are researching http://www.censusfinder.com/genealogy-society-directory.htm
  • XXXX is served by the National Archives ___ Region, which is housed in XXXX
  • Visit the website of the XXX local library in the area you are researching to see what genealogy information and services are provided by that library.

Finding and Using Records: cemetery, census, church, city directories, countyl histories, court & legal, military, land and property, naturalizations, newspapers, probate, vital.

Use the catalog at the FHL to find out what has been filmed covering the state XXX ; Click View Related Places in the upper right to find sources that have been filmed for the county you are researching and once there click View Related Places in the upper right to find sources that have been filmed for the township or city. You will want to check for resources in all three jurisdictions, although most people check the county holdings first, township next and state last.

Consult the Family History Library's Guide to XXX Statewide Indexes and Collections ; you might also consult the FHL's XXX Research Guidance, although frankly, I find navigation of that section confusing.

Cemetery: For general informaton, see guide to cemetery records, this website

  • Findagrave
  • Cemetery Junction
  • Interment.net
  • Cemetery Lookup forum
  • Obituary Central's Rhode Island cemetery search
  • U.S. Gen Web Tombstone Transcription Project for Rhode Island
  • Guide to Online Cemetery Records & Indexes

Census: For general inforamtion, see guide to census records, this website.


Church: For general information, see guide to church records, this website.

City and County Directories: For general information, see guide to city and county directories, this website.

  • Check the Rhode Island City Directories site to see if one exists for a city you are interested in -- but don't rely on this. It is neither a comprehensive list of what exists nor a complete record of where it is held.

County and Local Histories: For general informaton, see guide to county histories, this website

Court & Legal; For general information, see guide to law libraries, this website

  • Blacksheep XXX ancestors may have been in trouble with the legal system!

Land & Property: For general information, see guide to land records, this website.

  • XXX is a [] land state http://www.land-records.com/index.htm

Military; For general inforamtion, see guide to military records, this website

Naturalizations; For general informaton, see guide to naturalizations, this website

Newspapers: For general information, see guide to newspapers, this website

  • XXX Newspaper Project
  • XXX Obituary Lookup
  • Chronicling America list of newspapers published in XXX -- click a title to get more information

Probate: For general inforamton, see guide to probate records, this website

Vital: For general inforamtion, see guide to vital records, this website.

Queries & Help

  • Check the XXX Genweb page for look up volunteers.
  • Random Acts of Genealogical Kindnes: XXX http://www.raogk.com/
  • Genealogy.com Boards
  • Ancestry/Rootsweb message boards

More Links

  • Access Genealogy List of XXX Links
    Cyndi's List XXX Page
  • GenealogyToday's State Gen Site: XXX
  • Genealink's XXXX page
  • Linkpendium's XXX Page
  • Rootsweb U.S. Resources: XXX