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Your Guide to Researching Hungarian Ancestors

Over time present day Hungary has included present Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania, and subcarpathian Ukraine.

1867-1918 it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, with a dual monarchy. Hungary controlled

  • what is now modern day Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Transylvania and Banat (now in Romania)
  • Subcarpathian Rus' (now in Ukraine)
  • part of Croatia, including Slavonia
  • Bosnia was jointly administered.

Civil Registration of vital records in Hungary began in 1895 and many of the earlier ones have been filmed by the Family History Library, where they are cataloged at the town level.

Church records serve for earlier times and many registers are available on film. Prior to 1781 all vital records were kept by the Roman Catholic Church; after that, you must know the religious affiliation of your acestors.

There are some census records for the Austri-Hungarian empire; those used most by genealogists are 1828 (property owners) 1848 (Jews only ), 1857, 1867.

Books, Articles, CD's, Tapes etc.
On the Web...

Seuss. Handy Guide to Hungarian Genealogical Records. 1980(out of print) (find in a library)

Brandt. Contents and addresses of Hungarian archives : with supplementary material for research on German ancestors from Hungary, (find in a library)
Part I describes the Hungarian Archives and relevant records available in the Family History Library. Part II lists addresses of archives throughout Hungary. Appendixes include "Current Information Regarding Genealogical Research on Germans in Hungary," and a "Dateline of Historic Events in Hungary of Particular Relevance for Research on German Ancestors. Bibliographies and maps are also included.

Hudick. Finding Your Ancestral Village in Slovakia, Czechy, Ukraine, Galicia and Hungary iin the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire. (find in a library)

Reed. Finding Your Hungarian-American Roots: A Guide to Researching Your Ethnic-American Cultural Heritage (out of print) (find in a library)

Historical Atlas of Central Europe

"Hungary " in The Library: A Guide to the LDS Family History Library pp.568-571 (out of print) (Find in a library). This book is available in the CD Ancestry Reference Library)

Alzo. "Hungary for History" in Family Tree Magazine Sept. 2008 pp. 55-60.

Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas and Gazetteer

From Heritage Quest (find in a libarary)

  • The Austro-Hungarian Buffet: Course 1: Introduction To History/Genealogy, p. 42, Sept/Oct 2003, Vol. 19, #5, Issue 107
    by E. Wade Hone
  • The Austro-Hungarian Buffet: Course 2: Locating Ecclesiastical Resources, p. 74, Nov/Dec 2003, Vol. 18, #6, Issue 108
    by E. Wade Hone
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Audiotapes of lectures given at gneealogy conferences and seminars with the word Hungary and the word Hungarian in the title.


Family History Library

Before you start to work with records, download the Family History Library's very comprehensive Hungarian Word List

When searching the IGI online you can limit your search to the region Continental Europe country Hungary, but the results will include individuals from the pre 1918 Kingdom of Hungary. To know if an entry coincides with the current Hungary, check the place name. If the word Megye is used to designate a place name, that place is not in the current country of Hungary. It is a good idea to also check the IGI for Austria, Romaina, Yugoslavia and Romania.

Search the LDS Catalog to find out what resources are available for Hungary. Click the "View Related Places" button, upper right to find the 104 geographic subdivisions used for Hungary

Maps & Gazetteers Online

Research Guides

Translation Aids


Useful Research Websites

Explore what is available on the World GenWeb site for Hungary

Visit the website of the National Archives of Hungary.

Be guided by the ever expanding Hungary Portal at the new FamilySearch Wiki. It is a little lean now but ecause this is a Wiki, people can add information at any time. Be sure you don't miss the page that lists Kingdom of Hungary Census Returns, many of which have been filmed by the Family History Library.

Alex Glendinning's Family History in Hungary -- don't overlook part 2. This is written from the perspective of a British researcher and assumes you might be visiting Hungary to do your research, but contains a wealth of helpful information.

Hungaria.Org's Geneologia page provides a wealth of helpful information. See also their list of genealogy links.

The Federation of East European Family History Societies is a very helpful site for any East European research. See especially their page Hungarian Genealogical Resources

Look at $ RadixIndex $ which offers Hungarian genealogy and local history databases. It is a subscription site, but has a number of free services. New databases are free for one month and you can sign up for a newsletter that will alert you to new data. They also offer a surname alert service. To find out if your surname is in one of the existing databases, check the surname index. If you find a surname, type the name in the search box, upper right corner, to learn what databases contain that name. There is also a free Forum, where you can read and place queries and a blog, with news related to Hungarian family history research.

Austro-Hungarian Genealogy Website has several useful pages. A few that caught my eye include

Hungarian Genealogy List and Help is the genealogy page of Hungarotips where you will find a fun page of information about the country. The genealogy place provides a place for queries, but unfortunately there is no search engine on the site.

Catholic Church in Hungary -- to locate current and historical Dioceses; includes addresses and web links. Another helpful site is Local Catholic Church Family History and Genealogy: Hungary

The JewishGen Hungary database contains over 300,000 entries. I believe these are limited to people who were identified as being Jewish.

German Genealogy: Habsburg Empire provides links to information on the area as it was from 1814-1918.

Read or place a query in the Hungary GenForum or one of the Rootsweb/Ancestry Hungary Message Boards

The $ProGenealogists$ site has some basic free information on Hungarian research and will provide records at a charge. I have never used them and have no idea how reasonable or good they are.

See especially the the ProGenealogist page on Hungarian military records, which can be difficult to search, but include some valuable information, including names of parents. See also "An Introduction to " Austrian Military Records" which will include information on Hungarian records during the period of the dual monarchy.

Join the Web Archive of Hungarian Genealogy, where you can find several helpful forums. Note you must register, and can choose to view the site in English at registration. (How to register)

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